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Sailor Earth's Domain
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Chapter 1: School Conversations


“He’s so cute.” Ketrie sighed. She had black shoulder length hair and green eyes and was wearing the same uniform every girl who went to Meiou High School wore. She was looking at Kurama or Shuuichi as he was usually called.


“So go talk to him,” Cana replied looking at her hopeless friend. The white streaks in her hair were no longer there, her hair was completely black. She was also wearing a Meiou High School uniform and on her left hand was in the same black glove.


“He’ll never go out with me.”


“How do you know?”


Cana, he thinks I’m a normal human being which we both know isn’t true. And as long as he thinks that he won’t go out with me.”


“So tell him you’re a demon or part demon, as long as he knows you’re not evil, he won’t care.” Cana said looking at her magazine feeling pretty bored.


“Do you want me to tell him about you too and your weird hair; you’d probably get arrested by him.” Ketrie said with a pride filled look.


“What’s wrong with my hair?” Cana asked while putting a hand up to her head.


Cana, the streaks in your hair change color whenever you want them to.”


“Whatever, that’s not weird, besides you’re just making excuses.”


“Hey ladies, how’s it goin’?” Kerie made his appearance before pulling up a chair and sitting on it backwards.


“Your twin is pining over her crush as usual.” Cana replied.


Kerie looked almost exactly like his twin except he was taller, had shorter hair, and looked quite obviously male. “I can’t believe you like that guy, I mean, he looks like a girl.”


“He does not! You’re just jealous because Sandra turned you down because she wants to go out with him despite his refusals.” Ketrie replied angrily while the two siblings glared at each other.


“What I want to know is what this is about my being arrested.” Cana butted into the twin’s argument before it got too big.


Ketrie replied “Cana, someone probably saw you yesterday.”


“We’ve been over this already, any demon that saw me is dead, and besides I was just taking back what rightfully belongs to me.” She said while pulling out the jewel amulet and playing with it.


Meanwhile in Spirit World . . .


          “WHAT!?! How did this happen? The Star’s Eye in the hands of demons. This is bad.” Koenma had just finished watching the tape of what happened the day before when a demon thief, Cana, took the Star’s Eye, a jewel with immense power, the jewel Cana was playing with at this very moment. As Cana disappeared Koenma asked Ogre “This follows her right? Please tell me we have footage showing where she goes.”


          “Yes, sir. Just keep watching.” George said. Cana reappeared out side a temple and went inside and Koenma sees her change her form to that of a human.


          “Ogre, get records on this, I want to know who this girl is. And get me Yusuke and the others, we’ve got an unknown demon masquerading as a human in the Living World and she’s got an extremely powerful artifact in her hands. They need to be alerted.”


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