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Chapter 1


Sunnydale, 99-00




          As they dragged me in I looked around. It was a pretty interesting place, I saw a lot of demons and vampires here too. These must have been the commandos that Buffy and the Scoobies have been talking about. Suddenly some woman in a lab coat came up to us, me and the ten commandos who had a hold on me.


         “Report, Agent Finn,” she said to the guy who looked to be somewhat in charge.


         “The hostile put up a bit of a fight but seemed to come along peacefully. This hostile is strange though it’s almost as if he didn’t want to hurt us and the tranqs didn’t seem to effect him.” Said the guy Finn.


         “Well that is strange,” she said in return.


         “Look who it is, Angelus, the mighty Scourge of Europe has been caught,” yelled a demon passing by.


         “He’s not Angelus just the slayer’s whipped puppy. That’s the side of him with the soul otherwise he would be killing these army men by now.” Replied a vampire.


        “Slayer? Angelus? What are they talking about?” asked one of the commandos.


         Finally I decided to show them who I was,” They’re talking about me….and my ex-girlfriend,” I said and by the looks on there faces they seemed to have thought I was mute or something, “The vampire slayer, Buffy.” I continued.

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