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Sailor Earth's Domain
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As she walked out of the door and into the surrounding foliage the bodies of the dead demon guards could be seen behind her. She had pure white hair with well defined streaks in it, her eyes were silver as well. On her face there were silver markings, a streak under her left eye and a design on her forehead and opposite cheek. She had a black fingerless glove with a symbol on the back on her left hand, and that same arm was incased in a light blue shirt sleeve, while she wore a dark blue wrap around vest secured by straps and the white sash around her waist. Her pants were white and went to just around her ankles and she wore black fighting shoes.


She held up a red jewel on a chain up to the light and said “Finally I’ve got it back. Grandpa would’ve killed me if he had found out it was missing,” before she disappeared into thin air.


          She slid open the door to her room, switched on the light, and closed the door behind her. Kicking off her shoes and taking off her vest she flopped on the bed. She closed her eyes and concentrated for a second and her shape blurred, covered by light, before she was as visible as ever, but her appearance was different. Her white hair had turned black and the silver streaks had changed to white. Her eyes were blue and the markings on her face were gone while her clothes had changed into sweatpants and a t-shirt. The clothes she had taken off had disappeared as well, she looked human. The only thing that had not changed was the amulet she was wearing, the jewel she had taken just minutes earlier and the black glove on her left hand. “It’s good to be home.” She said before switching off the light and going to sleep. Her name was Cana and she was home safe in the Living World.

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